Mary Ann Abosch, MA, LMFT

Treatment for Chronic Pain


Treatment for Chronic Pain

You can't go through life allowing pain to dictate how you behave. - Adam Braverman.

Are you a person who lives with bodily pain?


Perhaps your pain moves from one body part to another, or it constantly nags you in one specific area. 


You may have experienced an injury and came to find that long after the injury is healed, you’re still hurting. Or you may live with daily pain and not even know why your body is hurting. One way or another, pain is pain and it doesn’t feel good.

Introducing Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT).

PRT embodies a comprehensive approach to psychological interventions aimed at reshaping the brain’s perception and response to bodily signals, ultimately disrupting the cycle of persistent pain.


While numerous methods have long existed to manage pain, PRT is a truly unique approach, supported by robust evidence, and dedicated to eradicating your chronic pain once and for all.


If you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain.

You know how debilitating, defeating, frustrating, and exhausting it is to live with. While many people in your life might have compassion for you, it doesn’t always mean they understand what you’re going through or know how to help you. You may even be at the point of not knowing how to help yourself, especially if you’ve been to doctor after doctor or have had procedure after procedure.

I’m certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy

And here to support you on your journey toward living pain free. Reach out and let me help you understand more about PRT and what this evidenced-based treatment can do for you.